We were approached by email, by the author of the Yoga Practice Guide, Mr. Bruce Bowditch of Third Eye Studio to print his book. A DVD-ROM was sent to us after our quotation was approved, followed by in an intensive email correspondence, and we were able to find out that our quoted price was at least 3 times less expensive than if printed in the US and the air freight services we provided was of great efficiency and the price so competitive that it was still worth having it printed by us.

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Mr. Bowditch, the author and our client, was kind enough to write us back upon receipt of the shipment:

I recently had my book, The Yoga Practice Guide, published with ARS CIVES in Macau.
From beginning to end, ARS CIVES was very professional, informative and knew their business. The price of the printing was very attractive and the quality excellent. The shipment of my product from Macau to the US was fast and efficient with no problems or delays at all. Really smooth.
Throughout the whole process everything was clear and well ordered. I felt very well taken care of indeed. I definitely intend to do my many future printing and design projects with ARS CIVES. Thank you all so much.

Bruce Bowditch

Third Eye Studio, USA

While working with us, he realized that our design services are not charged by the hour, which would lead to a very subjective pricing. Therefore Mr. Bowditch is already preparing to commission a second book designed by us as well, where there will be a hard cover to better protect the book.

We strive to make sure all our customers are satisfied by reassuring them that we prize our reputation and service more than any business, as our dedication is our main asset.