The Author and the Work

There is no work without an author. The work is the creation of someone who, in time, erases himself so that only the work lives on – or than only in it may his memory live.
Generally one resists – quite fairly – disregarding the author who has generated the work because, after all, they explain each other – notwithstanding the recognised autonomy of the work, particularly in the host of meanings it may acquire, as indeed it does, in the consciousness of others, of the public.
António Conceição Júnior is, precisely, the author of a work of great breadth and diversity; one could almost accept that it could just go no further, i.e., that it could remain in the direct development of the things he (or even others) may have accomplished.
However, that is simply not possible because this is an author who hasn’t yet travelled through all the regions, which his spirit recognises (or is able to recognise) but has yet not explored. The multiplicity of the regions visited by António Conceição Júnior’s creative spirit is truly surprising, and it could be said that such multiplicity feeds off itself in a transference of experiences which does not cease to unfold: from drawing to painting, from cartoon to illustration, from writing to graphic design, to fashion design, to medal design and photography...
It may come as a surprise, and it surely does, that such an author seems to lack a more visible presence in the city of Macau through a more permanent visual urban impact. However, trailing his creations will lead to the discovery of countless traces of his authorship: coins, publications of various kinds, cultural events, shows, exhibitions, photographs, medals, interior design, furniture, stage sets, are all elements in the list of his creative curriculum, which is defined by a distinctive trait: the search for the essence, a ritual inspired solemnity, qualities inherited from oriental roots, which are not of the assimilated type, but are rather genetic and consciously upheld.
Therefore, it is necessary to look at this work and (re)cognise its author. He will surely offer us more novelties - the fruit of the sowing that constantly germinates in him, to further enrich us culturally.

António Andrade


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