The deliberate choice of the word Macrocosmos associates this project to the Universe and the holos with which reality can be viewed, a bridge between Micro and Macro, one and the other so similar, so distantly close, touching each other in its infinite differences of scale.

This project was not born of a Darwinian observation of much that surrounds us, humble, imperceptible.
It was born instead, of a reading that has indoctrinated itself in the existential reflections posed by these landscapes, in which man and time joined into its making.

Therefore, it is the infinite humbleness of these spaces that becomes an iconography whose aesthetical values are the complement of its intrinsic nature, and of the testimonials in which they become.

Are they landscapes? To me they are. It they had no other signification, they would at least carry the aesthetical legitimacy which, as an accessory, I found in them.

What is shown is a selection of much which I chose not to show, for I believe that abundance must be confronted with some ascetism in what it signifies of austerity. Because that is, to me, the essence of existence, in what it has of more profound.

It is also time, illusory because it is earthly, that attracts me in these landscapes. Because it can be read, instead of being measured.


António Conceição Júnior