May all those that expected a formal, literary or poetic opening note forgive me, given both my quality as representative of the Casa de Portugal in Macau, and the context in which this note will be inserted.

Formalism would limit the enthusiasm, the joy, and the affection with which this initiative was embraced, and I lack the ingenuity for a literary or poetic text.

With everyday words, I would like to say that this House - whose doors are never closed, and whose walls are not limitations - achieved a little more of its mission of providing visibility to the creative and accomplishing abilities of members of our community, who are agents of an identity that enriches the complex reality of Macau.

The soul of cities does not reside only in their history, their monuments, or their cultural heritage. It resides mainly in the people that inhabit them, and it is the more rich and fascinating the more diversified, creative and interventive their people are.

The Portuguese language Community has participated, throughout the history of Macau, in a continued exchange of influences, in the fascinating creation of a city with a unique identity.

António Conceição Júnior is, par excellence, an offspring and an agent of this reality. A multifaceted artist, a creative and dissatisfied intellectual, a humanist in a permanent quest for his own self-perfection, a man and an attentive and sensitive citizen, he dedicated all his life to cultural promotion, contributing in a permanent way to the preservation and development of Macau’s identity.

Also, António Conceição Júnior is himself the crucible of two cultures – European and Asian – which widen his horizons and, perhaps, his contradictions, whose process of resolution leads to a permanent cultural and experiential enrichment of the Man and the city.

Today, Macau is on the route of globalization that demolishes the identity of each place via a model of economic development where ambition for profit hardly respects cultural and humanistic values. Therefore, it is paramount to stand by the identity of this place and by the personality of the Portuguese language Community in it, enhancing and giving visibility to the collective and, as in this case, individual accomplishments through which Macau asserts and sees itself.

Thus, it is easy to understand how urgent and imperious it is for the Casa de Portugal in Macau to promote this exhibition, as well as the present edition, not only with the enthusiasm, joy and affection that I have mentioned, but also, if you allow me, Antonio, with much pride of being by your side. Thank you for what you are and for what you do.


Macau, October, 2007

Maria Amélia António


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