Setting up the exhibition was preceded by preparations which allowed for a planning of the entire exhibition.
This first part of the photographs is a description of what went on and the feelings it inspired after a 14 hours work spree.

It all started with the arrival of the framed pictures. It was not useful that they arrived earlier. Each frame was numbered in the back with the corresponding number of the photograph. Then they were lined up following the original planning which meant that the pre-numbering made everything much easier when doing. Then the great staff arrived and brought the banners with them and the hanging material, and first and foremost, their experience and goodwill.

Things just started to unfold naturally as the print outs of the floor plan and the elevations made it very easy to start hanging, adjusting the height and then working on the spacing. This allowed me time to look and I took some pictures that I felt were meaningful and beautiful by themselves. The aluminum ladder geometry coupled with the square picture in the banner, or the contrast of the naturalistic shapes of the plants against the rigid geometry of the black frames.


Then, as Ear started to adjust and fix the height of the frames, I begun to see that I was looking at a painting itself. Something such as a hyperrealist painting itself. My eyes were tired of the projectors lights, so I chose this moment to take the picture, a frame within a frame, and then worked around making it look like a painting.

It took pride and self demand from this small group to go into the smallest details of measuring the right spacing after we exchanged opinions, and adjusting the lights. All excess projectors were removed, and then I could hear them discussing about the light temperature differences and trying to find the right lamp. It was 1:00 AM when we finished with my gratitude to this fantastic group of people who will go un named, but who deserve my best of praises.


In Macau it is usual for friends to send flowers with well wishes. Because the gallery set up was very Zen-like, these wonderful flowers were placed at the Gallery entrance.

Video set up displaying the video my son made.

Visitor watching the video. A former high school teacher of my son.

Bill and Filomena McGuire with us.

Some of the wonderful staff of the Macau Museum of Art.

Interviewed for Macau Television.

With Dr. Ambrose So, President of the Club

Dr. Frederico Rato's book launching speech. Thanking both of them  
Autographing the new album ga group of friends visitors
visitors to the exhibition.
With Dr. Amélia Antonio With good friend a group of friends

my daughter talking to kid brother


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