The author wishes to thank, on a chronological order, to the Instituto Internacional de Macau for the support given at project level, and to the Casa de Portugal em Macau for the organization of the Exhibition and Publishing of this Photographic Album, and to the Clube Militar de Macau.

Thanks are also due to Dr. Jorge Rangel, Dr. Pedro Tamen, Prof. António Andrade,  Dra. Amélia António, Dr. Frederico Rato,  Ho Sze Leong , Staci Chio, Iris Li,  Prof. Yao Jingming, Dr. Rui Parada, Arch. André Ritchie, Nuno Calçada Bastos, and all those who in some way helped, without which this project would have not been possible.

To all, my deepest thanks.

António Conceição Júnior