The Portuguese staff or "Jogo do Pau" can be traced back accurately to the 18th. Century. The approximately 5 feet long wood staff was personally introduced to me by Prof. Rui Simões, anthropologist and the foremost scholar authority on the History of this Portuguese Martial Art that was born in the Northern part of Portugal.

This presentation is but a very pale idea of the versatility of the staff in the hands of a real Master.

Due to the unavailability of Prof. Rui Simões during his stay in Macau for a picture session, I have decided to share with those interested, some of the simpler techniques that I have absorbed during the personal demonstration that Prof. Rui Simões gave at my place.

I have broken the swift and incredible fast movements into different steps for better explanation.

It is also important to stress that the staff I used is not the traditional one, which is lighter and flexible, not  comparable to the long oval staff  that I used.

I hope that all viewers will be lenient to this presentation.