Knowledge has been, since ancient times, one of the most powerful instruments for self and social development.
It  is common knowledge that in the Western tradition, since the establishment of Medieval Universities, the church played a foremost importance role as the keeper of knowledge, manuscripts, libraries and copies of precious books that were to be painfully hand copied before the age of Guttenberg.

Universitas is therefore linked to an imagery of the church, so well described in
Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose where one is led into a romanticized universe of keepers of knowledge and of scribes.

Hence it is unquestionable that Academic knowledge and teaching derives from the Western mind, which, through different stages of development, kept a constant link to the roots. The most visible one being the formal clothing worn today.
Universities have since evolved into now public of private institutions, Academic regalia having taken a simplified version according to different cultures, while the ecclesiastical regalia evolved much less, for the sacred symbolism invested in the later would require it to be charged of all the symbolism that it represents.
Therefore, no matter the approach, my task is to come up with something different and challenging enough as to blend Western and Eastern clothing with symbols of each side.

The Challenge

This Anglo-Saxon regalia from Oxford has its own traditions.

But when the Inter University Institute of Macau provides a challenge to create a new tradition rooted in the essence of Macau, the transcultural subtlety between West and East, a visitation to the Archetypes of both cultures is inevitable.

It is a wonderful journey into the worlds of Plato and Confucius.

Hence that creating these unique Academic regalia will necessarily be a joy and, possibly, an act of culture in itself.


Concept by  ARS CIVES