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Michael Crampton  

Dec 11, 2006

  Kudos to The Museum for continuing the education of so many in this fascinating field of endeavor and history.  I wish there was a museum here in the US that would be so bold.
Michael S Crampton
Shadow of Leaves 
Ariel Barkan  

Dec 12, 2006

My only sorrow is that this fabulous exhibition is not going to tour to the US.....
Best wishes to the entire staff of the Museum, to the organizers (Antonio, God bless you!), to all people who so generously contributed their collections and wrote chapters and, especially, to the kids who volunteered their time and effort to serve as guides. They are the most precious part of the community of sword-lovers and the keepers of the flame. My hat is off to all of you!

Ariel Barkan
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Stuart Leithead  

Dec 12, 2006

  An absolutely amazing presentation!! Congratulations to all those who made this possible. In the era of so much political correctness it is wonderful to see such a selection of weapons.
What about a world tour ?---and please don't forget us "down under".

Stuart Leithead
New Zealand

Matthew G.M. Korenkiewicz


Dec 12, 2006


  I consider myself a lucky person as I regularly correspond with Antonio C., albeit only through these great boxes of ours. It is with a near child-like delight for discovery that I unwrapped the on-line exhibition to experience
( as best I could and can in this medium ) the results of passion, hard work and determination by the many involved. I don't know if one can adequately compliment with words or reviews what History allows us to see, to dig up, to uncover. For instance that incredible Late Koto Tanto ! Did THAT actually come from this planet ? But words will have to do for the moment. What these treasures must look like when you're standing next to them !

Congratulations to all on the reality of this event, and congratulations to
those who put together a marvelous, well written, documented website
for us with limited traveling abilities to experience.

Matthew G.M. Korenkiewicz
Sterling Heights, Michigan
Carlo Giuseppe
  Dec 15, 2006   Hello,
I know how long was the wait, the work and the difficulties, Antonio. I'm glad you've finally achieved your task.
The japanese pieces are really high level ones. My compliments.
Magenta, Italy
Jeffrey Larsen   Dec 20, 2006   I wish to applaud the Macau Museum of Art, Antonio Conceicao Junior, the many private and public contributors, as well as the many behind-the-scenes workers that helped make the History of Steel in Eastern Asia Exhibition an immense success.

Last year, the Museum and Antonio presented an exhibition called Masters of Fire and it instantly became an international success story. Now, they took this innovative concept one step further and presented the History of Steel in Eastern Asia. With almost 300 exhibits of swords, armor, shields, etc., this exhibit covers a vast area of historical knowledge and expertise the world has never seen!

Without the help and assistance of governments, museums and private collectors, this exhibit would not have been possible.

So, my hat goes off and I humbly bow before you acknowledging the energy, the effort and the results of your hard work.

Well done!

Jeff Larsen
Pennsylvania, USA

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