The Macao Museum of Art wishes to express its deepest gratitude
to the following Institutions and Individuals

The Cultural Relics Administration Bureau of Henan Province
Henan Museum
Zhengzhou Museum
The Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute of Henan Province
The Museum of the Guo State of Sanmenxia
Sanmenxia Museum
Mr. Zhou Zheng Wu

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism Republic of Korea
The War Memorial of Korea
Korea Army Museums
Kyung-in Museum of Fine Arts
Korea University Museum
National Palace Museum of Korea
Korean Consulate-General in Hong Kong
Dr. Kim Hongnam

Mr. Guido Schiller
Mr. Michihiro Tanobe NBTHK
Mr. Ono Yoshimitsu
Mr. Robert Hughes
Mr. Roger Robertshaw

Mr. Federico Malibago
Mr. Jose Albovias, Jr.
Dr. Ian Greaves
Mr. Frederick Bates
Mr. Barry Parks
Mr. Jonathan Vergara
Mr. Ron Zambarrano
Mr. William Swanson

Mr. Mark I. Bowditch
Mr. Andrew Y. Winston
Dr. Ian Greaves

For their most invaluable cooperation and contribution without which this exhibition would have not been possible.


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