It is of the utmost importance if we can have some old photographs originals for the exhibition. They will have to be scanned to a large high resolution 300 dpi image for printing. Through the net I have found very few and have enlarged them but this only works out with 72 dpi images.
Your contributions will be of great importance, as I also plan to use one ancient photograph for the opening of each Section of the catalogue. Below is an example of a layout.

This is just a layout with very simple work on it, just to give you all the feeling of the intention. The more pictures we can have of different tribes and scenes, the better we can select a composition that further illustrates the page that opens the Philippines Section.

Bagobo warrior

Igorot young men

Tribesmen of the North


Igorot warrior


Moro warrior dead - terrible photo


Pagoru tribe

Moro warriors

Bagobo Family