Exhibition openings in Macau are subject to local Chinese rituals and traditions that may be interesting for the non-local viewer.

Arrival of Secretary for Administration Ceremony guests line-up President of IACM speaks
Ribbon cutting ceremony Public at the ceremony Secretary and the bishop viewing exhibit
Russian Consul and bishop The public visiting another view of the public
the artist's biography panel with the Portuguese Consul-General with old friend and ex-Mayor of Macau
we set up a special area to compare the 1944-45 paintings with present day Macau The Secretary and President of IACM


It is a habit at the Museum for the staff and friends to join in picture taking. Not being only a Chinese habit, it is however very cherished by the Chinese who keep the pictures as mementos.
Through these pictures one can see the great harmony and friendship that exists among everyone.
The staff is multi-national. From local Chinese, mainland Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Colombian, all linked by a great spirit.

Museum staff gathered before opening Johvanna, Priscilla and Rie having fun Johvanna and Edmond playing
Director Ung Vai Meng and me with Eunice and Staci from editorial Ung Vai Meng and Johvanna


When the VIPs are gone, the staff engages in picture taking in large or small groups.

Museum staff Museum staff My son, Susana and my god-daughters
with Mr. He Shao Gang - Guangzhou TV with Johvanna from PR having fun and jokes

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