The George Smirnoff Centennial Exhibition is one of the main highlights of this year for the Macao  Museum of Art temporary exhibitions.
I have returned to a recently constructed Museum building with plenty of challenges, as opposed to the old building where it was the former Luis de Camões Museum which opened in 1960 and was closed in 1988.
It is good to be back, now as a Consultant, as one can view things from both outside and inside and give some suggestions, while working with great people.

Being in charge of this Exhibition was particularly rewarding because it was the work of an artist which was firstly exhibited as a collection in 1985 at the Commemorations of the 25th Anniversary of the Luis de Camões Museum, when I was the Museum's director.
Building this small website is a way to somehow perpetuate this event in different areas that are not so viewable to the public.

Antonio Conceição Júnior
Poster, catalogue, invitation and envelope

Very few people realize the potential of Macau designers.
I always say that this magnificent city is a haven for creativity because of its rich multi-cultural past that spreads into the present.
In all my years as a Museum director, never have I failed a catalogue, and we do work in Macau with tighth deadlines. Yet, everything is finished and delivered in time. Always.
has to do with the way industries work here. There is a concept of service for the customer, and the Museum's catalogues are generally so good, well printed and even luxurious that they even surpass most catalogues from great international Museums. And they are all tri-lingual.
The Museum is but a very good example of how efficiency is viewed in Macau. Every so often the Museum staff average an immense amount of extra-hours of hard work without any complaints, because the entire staff is strongly motivated and orientated towards a common goal: the pride of being at the Macao Museum of Art.

Motivated PEOPLE
In short: a family
Edmond worked 48 hours non-stop to make sure that the catalogue corrections would come out with all the corrections made. It is the pride, and a matter of face at work, always with a smile.
It is fantastic how this team and all people I work with on a steady base do work with very high spirits.
There is a generalized wisdom in all this, coming from their understanding that each one is part of the puzzle, and that someone is making the pieces fit together. No one feels a sense of loss for playing their role, and in the end, after the opening, the happiness is generalized.
Stacy for instance, is a graduate in modern Chinese Literature and she works very hard in the coordination of all the texts that come in, plus translations, as our catalogues are in Chinese, Portuguese and English.
She is often interrupted, but there is always some time to pay attention.

managed to finish her graduation working this hard and still finding time to study and read as well as write articles and novels.
There is this sense of friendship among everyone that makes the difference.
Such are just two examples of the wonderful people I have the pleasure to work with.
Not to mention Ung Vai Meng, the director and good friend, as well as Fong Zhao who worked very hard to make all this happen.


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