The Macau Polytechnic Institute through its School of Arts and Design, has invited me to exhibit a retrospective of 25 years of diverse work which I decided to call CREACTIVITY. The exhibition took place at the (IPM) Macau Polytechnic Institute Gallery, on January 12, 2005.
The set up was done in a day, and was comprised of many output panels that attempted to summarize a period spanning from the 1970's to the 2000's.
I think it is a nice habit to have these events covered through photographs. It provides memories to recall later.
It is important to explain that Chinese culture has interesting rituals and ceremonies for exhibition and other openings and I find that this is part of its culture.
The atmosphere was excelent and most friendly. I tried to organize the pictures by the sucessive sequence of events.

HOSTS, GUESTS AND FRIENDS ARRIVING. In the Chinese protocol, those guests and hosts that will take part on the opening ceremony will carry a flower in the lapel. This helps to identify the hosts and VIP guests.

With Dr. Li, Presidente of IPM

Ambassador Pedro Moitinho

Dr.Rangel President of I.I.M.

Arq. Carlos Marreiros

Prof. Ruben Cabral Rector of IIUM

Vitor Marreiros my first student and great graphic designer

Vitor and Ung Vai Meng, great artist, Museum Director and a very kind and modest man.

My dear friend Ana and a fellow colleague of hers, Manuel Machado

Priscilla, my ex-Secretary for Chinese affairs and staff of the Museum

Luis Trabuco, former student and top Kendoka in Macau

Dr. José Luciano a good friend who came to show his support

Architect José Maneiras, former Mayor of Macau.

Joaquim, another graphic designer.

Yip, ex-student and very good graphic designer

ex-student having a laugh

Another member of the Museum

Mr. Chan from the Museum

Teachers of the Polytechnic

Television interview

Public introductions.

It is interesting the formal opening ceremony. The host and the hosted make speeches.

President of IPM speaking


Part of the public

Another angle

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Guiding the President of IPM and the Portuguese Ambassador through the exhibition


Illustrations Panel

My early work at Museum

Catalogues I directed

My Photo Albuns panel

Fashion Panel

Examples of Fashion Design

A book on some of my stamps

Katana - Katsujin-ken

My fashion shows video

Jewelry design display cases

Explaining Katsujin-ken

Viewing books I designed

A Panel

Resident fashion teacher recognizing a male model

My wife and friends, Ana Isabel and Sérgio

more people looking at catalogues.

Sá Cunha, Dr. Rangel, Prof. Ruben Cabral

My dear friend Isabel (Bé),Ana, Manel Machado

Carlos Marreiros, Vitor´s older brother

Ung Vai Meng and Joyce Ho who worked with me in the exhibition catalogue

With Helder Fernando, Radio man, and journalist

My friends Isabel Soá, Ana and Bé partially hidden

Friends Luciano, Manuel and Rui who attended me in hospital when I cut myself

Amelia, a lawyer and old friend

Eulália, a friend and training lawyer

Sá Cunha, a brilliant mind, a great writer who wrote something for me

Architect Vicente and Konstantin Bessmertny, a great Russian painter living in Macau and a friend

Helder, Lúcia and Eulália

Me and my wife Helena

another one with my beautiful wife

Galia, Konstantin's wife and Helena

Galia and Helena


Signing autographs. Terribly embarassing...

Last but not least, Wilson Chan, School of Arts Coordinator and the man responsible for inviting me. My gratitude.




The days lived one by one became years, all of a sudden, as if a thread from a hank had unfolded and rolled into the ground, unwinding and leaving a trace of dreams, ideas, projects and the emergence of realities.
Looking back I feel that the word design does not satisfy me. I prefer the archetype of creativity while an intellectual reflexive process.
Perhaps because of this aspect, I rarely became an affirmative author, someone who makes of himself the axis of the world. I preferred to invariably look at shape or image in its essence, using it as the significant, respecting its own identity.
For me the graphic subject, which is seldom understood as just a part of a much wider region that creativity offers, has a very specific primary function: to have entire legibility.
I do not intend to qualify what I did neither justify myself. I just think that the majority of people have a need to classify authors. They must either be painters, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators or the confusing mist increases.
Then let there be mist, as the thread that unfolded is not of a single colour. It has nonetheless a single origin supported by different cultural wells.
I cannot avoid but to see a holistic perspective and the relations between jewellery, medallions, steel weapons, illustration, garments and fashion, photography and painting. Maybe, just maybe I have never felt comfortable being comfortable in one subject; perhaps in my inner self I am a nomad.
I can only see myself in one way: I cannot be other way. And as the thread of years grow, this characteristic seems to consolidate as I grow more convinced that the unique place that Macao is, still has other rhythms that are worthy to be heard. If to the thread of years some more thread is left.

António Conceição Júnior