Maritime Scenes

Due to the large amount of watercolors and drawings, the works presented here will be only those concerning the sea, and junks that will help understand the roots of Luis Demée's evolution.

The works below do not have a chronological sequence. Rather, they are part of an entire process of learning and expressing through watercolours since 1944.
Through the viewing of these paintings one can sense the analytical eye depicting the reality that was unfolding at the eyes of the teenager and his interpretation of it through the available medium of watercolours. These Chinese junks at sea or at rest were a great preference of Luis Demée's works as a teenager and would continue to grow until he sees beyond the appearance of reality.





The watercolours below, already painted in Portugal from memory or photographs, represent a turning point in the artist's style, while studying at the Fine Arts School.

Done is 1957 and 1958, when he reaches age 30, the two on the right represent a synthesis of his virtuosity as a watercolourist.
All the accessory elements are removed and only what is relevant to him remain.



These two drawings dated 1958 will have a long term influence on Luis Demée (the first one) and an immediate influence on his abstractionist path at the time (the later). It is from the second drawing that we can perceive his abstractionist style thesis which, in 1960, granted him a Excellent cum lauda mark and an invitation to be a teacher at his own school.



This abstractionist oriented painting of his thesis is full of references to the sea, ships, wharfs, and other maritime elements from Macau.


It is said that we are nothing without memories, references, identities. Such is also the case of Luís Demée who persistently kept all his memories and embedded them in the early sixties, when his painting that would sum up all that he learnt at school, represents the embodiment of being a multi-cultural artist, since his birth, blending East and West. Such is the destiny and characteristic of many Macanese artists.