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Luís Luciano Demée was born in Macao in 1928.
The Russian architect and painter George Smirnoff was his mentor between 1944-45.

In 1951 Demée held a solo exhibition in Macao as well as several exhibitions at the Hong Kong Art Club.

In 1952, with a grant from the Macao Education Fund (Caixa Escolar de Macau), he enrolled at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts, and later continuing his studies at the Oporto School of Fine Arts.

He went on to participate at the 20th Aesthetical Mission organised by the National Society of Fine Arts.

After completing his degree in Painting, Demée left for Paris with a scholarship granted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

In 1960, he presented his thesis at the Oporto School of Fine Arts, which achieved the highest marks and a magna cum laude (great honour) commendation.

In 1961, he was invited for the position of assistant professor at the Oporto School of Fine Arts.

At the 1st Paris Biennale, he received a scholarship from the Paris Federation of Art Critics.

Demée was awarded the Souza Cardoso National Painting Award.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation invited him to visit the exhibition ‘A Decade of Painting and Sculpture’ in London.

He visited the ‘WESTKUNST’ exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

He undertook field trips to the Middle East, Greece, Germany, England, Belgium and Holland.

Demée participated in silkscreen exhibitions at the Porto School of Fine Arts, at Cooperativa ÁRVORE and in exhibitions organised by the SÉRIE Group.

He painted murals, frescoes, glass paintings, carpets and works in acrylic for the Sabugal Palace of Justice, as well as for several hotels and public buildings.

He was a teacher at the Oporto School of Fine Arts.

Demée received the Medal of Value of the State Department for Culture, and the Medal of Macao presented by the Leal Senado.

On 24 July 1999, Demée received the Golden Citizen Medal (Emeritus) from the Macao Government.

Selection of exhibitions:

1951 – Solo exhibition, Macao.
1948 to 1951 – Exhibitions at Hong Kong Art Club.
Show at National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon.
6th to 15th Exhibitions of Lisbon School of Fine Arts.
2nd Visual Arts Exhibition of Gulbenkian Foundation.
Contemporary Portuguese Art’ Itinerant Exhibition organised by Gulbenkian Foundation.
1st and 3rd Paris Biennale.
Modern Art Exhibition at Amarante Museum, Portugal.
Modern Art Exhibition at José Malhoa Museum in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
7th São Paulo Biennale, Brazil.
4th to 6th ‘Novíssimos’ Exhibitions, Lisbon, Portugal.
Show of the Six Award Winning Artists of the 6th ‘Novíssimos’ (Youngest Artists) Exhibition, Lisbon.
Exhibition Celebrating 400 Years of Rio de Janeiro Foundation, Brazil.
Presented an exhibition at Abel Salazar Gallery.
Exhibitions at ÁRVORE – Art Activities Cooperative.
Overview of 20th Century Art Exhibition.
‘Group I and Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso’, Tempo Gallery, Lisbon.
‘Portuguese Modern Art’, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.
200th Anniversary exhibition of the Lisbon School of Fine Arts, including exhibition ‘Great Composition’.
International Biennale of Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.
‘Contemporary Macao Artists’ Exhibition at the House of Macao (Casa de Macau), Lisbon.
‘Macao – Art and Literature from the 16th to 20th Century’, National Library, Lisbon.
‘Artists of Oporto’, Vigo, Spain.
‘4 Days of Portuguese Art’, Seville, Spain.
‘Figurative or Abstract’, exhibition organised by Minho University, Portugal.
Invitation for ‘Portuguese Art’ exhibition in Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
‘Portuguese in the World’, Ministry of Culture of Portugal.
‘11 Authors from Oporto’, Casino Estoril Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
‘Oporto’, exhibition on the 20th anniversary of ÁRVORE.
‘Northern Artists’, Galeria Divulgação, Lisbon, Portugal.
‘Northern Portuguese Artists’, in Wiesloch, Mainz, Backnang, Offenbach, München, Karsruhr and Bonn, Germany.
‘Artistes du Nord Du Portugal’, Echternach, Luxemburg.
Retrospective exhibition at Luis de Camões Museum, Macao.
Solo exhibition at Soares dos Reis Museum, Oporto.
Launched first exhibition of Nasoni Gallery, Oporto.
Several exhibitions at Nasoni Gallery.
Solo exhibitions at Nasoni Gallery, in Lisbon, Oporto and Macau.
‘80 Years of Art in Oporto’, Oporto Football Club 1906 – 1986.
‘ESBAP-FBAUP’ exhibition, Oporto University.
MARCA, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal.
Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon, Portugal.
Contemporary Art Fair, Oporto, Portugal.
1987 to 1990 and 1993 – ARCO Madrid, Spain.
‘Contemporary Portuguese Painting’, at the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation, Oporto, Portugal.
Group exhibition at Casa dos Crivos, Braga, Portugal.
1987 – ‘Signals – The Place of Drawing’ at the Macao Forum Gallery, Macao.
Macao Pavilion at the EXPO 98’, Lisbon, Portugal.
2001 – ‘Oporto 60/70 – The Artists and the City’, Serralves Museum, Oporto, Portugal.
‘Painting Masters’, Cordeiros Gallery, Oporto.
2001 – Retrospective exhibition ‘Demée, 1955 – 2001’, Cordeiros Gallery, Oporto, Portugal.
April 2002 – ‘Contemporary Art – Cordeiros Gallery 2002’, Estoril Convention Center, Lisbon, Portugal.
Partnered with Amadeo de Souza Cardoso, Demée represented Amarante Museum, ExpoNorte 2003, Oporto, Portugal.

Collected Works:
Centre of Modern Art, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal.
Contemporary Art Centre, Soares dos Reis National Museum, Oporto, Portugal.
Serralves Foundation - Contemporary Art Museum, Oporto, Portugal.
Ovar Museum, Portugal.
Amadeo de Souza Cardoso Museum, Amarante, Portugal.
Luis de Camões Museum, Macao.
Scientific and Cultural Centre of Macao – Ministry of Science and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal.
Private collections in Portugal, Brazil, England, Germany and the United States.

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights Illustrated by thirty Portuguese artists. 1986
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Catalogue – Retrospective Exhibition ‘Demée, 1955 to 2001’, Cordeiros Gallery, Oporto, 2001;
‘George Smirnoff, 1903 – 2003’, published by the Macau Art Foundation, on the occasion of the George Smirnoff Centennial Exhibition at the Macao Museum of Art.

Several articles and exhibition reviews were published in the following Portuguese newspapers: ‘JN’, ‘Comércio do Porto’, ‘1° de Janeiro’, ‘Expresso’, and in the magazines: ‘Visão’ and ‘Casa e Jardim’.

Video of the Retrospective Exhibition at the Luis de Camões Museum, Macau, 1985 (Released by Macao TDM channel).

Video of the Retrospective Exhibition ‘Demée, 1955 – 2001’, Cordeiros Gallery, Oporto, 2001 (Álvaro Queiroz ed.)

‘Dictionary of Artists’, by Margarida Marques Matias (published by Fundação Oriente, Macau).

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