On January 13, 2007 there were two conferences on Luís Demée.
The first communication with the public was presented by António Conceição Júnior and analyzed the evolution of the work by Luís Demée where a hint of it can be seen in JOURNEY, while the Director, Mr. Ung Vai Meng, spoke based on the period of the watercolours 1940's and the evolution of Macau since the 18th. century.
The auditorium was full to its capacity while Mr. Adolfo Demée, cousin of Luís Demée, and himself and amateur artist showed up to the Museum's staff great delight.

Mr. Adolfo Demée speaking with the Museum Director and António Conceição Júnior before the beginning of the event.

Museum staff announcing the speakers Preliminary words from Museum Director
Exhibition Curator 50 minutes address Museum Director spoke after the break
Audience was filled to capacity as many stayed behind, shying off the front row