China has many unexpected surprises, among which villages that have not changed their environments or habits for centuries. Beauty is everywhere as the village is preparing with red papers and red lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

On our way to Hangzhou, we left the highway and went to Wu Zhan, literally Black Village, a name given because of the black tiles on its roofs.

Wu Zhan is now sought after by outsiders and domestic tourists that know about it. Absolutely indifferent to the tourists, the locals continue to live their lives in this paradise of beauty and simplicity.
An entirely self-sustained village, Wu-Zhan has remained immune to change since its birth as a silk producing center - one of many - that goes back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) in its present version.

The village is served by canals that allowed the silk to be carried easily than through land. The entire village is a master-piece of beauty, ingenuity and -- as said before -- self sustainability as can be seen throughout the pictures.

No comments are necessary as the pictures speak for themselves. There are no rich merchants anymore, but the Black Village lives on.








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