GROUND FLOOR lift atriums administration floor VIEWS EXPLAINED
  The permanence of a space depends on how its archetypes are kept through Time.

The vitality of C.E.M. is shown through the expressed wish of renewing its building interiors, according to its new Corporate Image. It truly shows a great motivation for keeping updated and it should be an example to be followed.

It is deemed important to state that the present decoration project is rooted on a cultural interpretation of the social and functional role of an office building, both as an architectural project and as a place that houses different labouring communities.

Therefore, what is to be presented is not a mere decorative or cosmetic exercise void of any attention other then the mere technical approach. The results that are presented come from serious thought on the social importance of the office building as the inheritor of earlier archetypes such as the village, the castle or the church as social centres.

Under these circumstances it was imperative to unify and give consistency to the whole, upgrading the office building also as the physical-material embodiment of a structure or organization: the Company.
But, as can be verified throughout history, the present aproach has been invested of the necessary elements to represent the Company. These elements can be recognized in the uplift of some construction materials as well as the use of symbols of power and the implementation of a more organized space and incorporation of some Art pieces.

To finalize this brief introduction it is important to state that I am available as the Art Director of Ars Cives Creativity Unlimited to provide further explanations if required.