I live in a multi-cultural place that is almost 500 years old, and I speak several languages. One of my rules of engagement is to receive polite, well mannered enquiries, addressed to me. My name is Antonio Cejunior. I'm a person who privileges good manners above all. It doesn't take much to say: Greetings, my name is so and so, and I would be interested  in this or that.
If you are a mature adult person, you are most welcome to contact me.
I'm tired of punks trying to make contact in the most unacceptable manners. There is always common ground when you follow a golden rule: bad manners won't get you anywhere with me, even you if have a million dollars.
Every single sword that is in this page was made either for me or for customers who became good friends, because they were naturally polite.
Please disregard this if it does not apply to you. I'm just too tired of delusional people.


It's been 10 years since BLADESIGN was established. The site is minimalist look in concept because it reflects my own state of spirit and aesthetical choice:
To go the simpler way it is the most difficult way. It means an inner necessity to journey into the essence of things, of its significance, without falling into the easy trap of copying. The samples works that you see here reflect a slow but steady change or evolution from early works into more simplified ones.
Designing a sword for someone else is a challenging task. If the potential customer is asking for the intervention of a designer to organize and structure his wishes, it is because he is acknowledging the importance of a designer's work as much as that of an architect or a lawyer. Everything, from an automobile to a computer screen is a design product.
I don't find designing a sword less challenging or even different than designing a book cover, a poster, a website, furniture, interiors, coins, stamps, medallions or other things that my 32 years of activity as a designer and creative director has allowed me to try my hand on.
It is not more specialized than other design fields. It's just as different as other design areas.
But as a habit of mine, I decided to take this task which involves all coordination efforts in sourcing the most adequate smith for each custom project.
It has been my habit all these years to be able to manage resources to the highest efficiency rate so that the customer is well served and in a timely manner.

Therefore the role of a sword designer emerges as one of creating something new, or with a new approach. It is an intermediation work as well, between and aspiration and reality, seasoned with common sense, feasibility and uniqueness. This is a conjunction that has to be achieved in perfect harmony, mainly depending on what one expects to spend.
As mentioned before, I am fully capable of providing you a complete sword that can fulfill your uniqueness requirements, from concept, design, until the final sword reaches your hands.
I now charge a low fee compared to my main company corporate design fee. You would not pay my usual design fees. But don't take advantage of this. Contact me only if you are committed. I have dealt with too many people to engage in lengthy conversations that lead nowhere. If you are insecure and look for references, check my GUESTBOOK.

is not an easy task, especially when I don't do this for a living and therefore my mind is freer. I hope you managed to carefully read the link in the subtitle.

Indeed, learning how do benefit from a designer's work is what makes sense. I must confess I'm tired of people asking the wrong questions confusing a creative person with a draftsman.
If you want to have something unique, and enjoy the end result, contact me.

t is of paramount importance that this is well understood for your own advantage.
Viewing the samples I include in this page can be an example of how I work while some blades for clients are being finalized, and will be placed here as they become available for viewing. I do not restrict myself to designing katana. It is just that they are more in demand from me.
Email for an Enquiry.

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1086 Katana Design
Katsujin-ken Design
Seasoned Katana Design
Win Prue Katana
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Horn Fittings Wakizashi Tanto Skinner The Sword of Runes Stealth Tanto
The Sword of Void Araki kamon koshirae sword
Hybrid Bowie-Tanto Hybrid Ethnic Tanto


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