History is not the property of any Nation, but of Mankind.
Hence the title Untold History, giving precedence to the less known History of Countries which, for some reason, do not receive the attention of the Majority.

The Iberian Peninsula has been populated over the centuries by different people. Since the 7th. century BC proto Celts and Celtic people inhabited the region forming the Celtiberians, Celts mixed with native Iberians while the Phoenicians also frequented the region.
On the III Century BC, as a consequence of the Punic War, the Romans conquered the Peninsula and the Lusitanians were the people from the Roman Province of Lusitania whose ethimology is still used to signify the Portuguese.
The Portuguese are a product of the Roman civilization, the barbarian invasions, the Muslim Occupation coming from the North of Africa. All this produced a wide diversity of people which we now call the Portuguese.
In 1128 D. Afonso Henriques, son of Count Henry, declares independence from the King of Leon and Castille.
It was the beginning of a tremendous adventure, that of the formation of the country and, later on, the discoveries.
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Rainer Daehnhardt.
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