I have decided to start to work with textures and slowly destroy the more conventional appearance of a blade. My first signal to myself was my upcoming Seasoned Katana where I decided to start destroying the traditionally polished surface and it will be my personal last katana in which a totally conventional blade will appear. Even the tsuba that will come from this blade will be totally different from the rendition.
As a designer I have an urge to question shapes and to enquire. I believe that it is through an inconformist attitude that one can start to get ideas. This tanto is the result of a preliminary idea that has turned into this result.

Firstly I have designed the proportions, mainly considering enough shinogi-ji space to allow for the incorporation of droplets of steel to form a texture on the excavated areas of the shinogi-ji, and have them sand belted and flattened to conform with the koiguchi's shape, allowing for a smooth insertion, while bearing a maru-mune that will also show all the details of the irregularities of the added steel.
The above depiction does not show any sori as I was too absorbed with the proportions. The mune will have a width of 5 mm, while the steel removal will be very shallow, only enough to provide for a texture without compromising the mune's strength.

The moment I was designing the kojiri, it just made all the sense to me that the sides of the saya should be flattened, following the kojiri end into the saya. I also made the kissaki longer.
After this pre-rendition was done it was more then obvious that the fuchi and the kojiri should also have a slight flattened area, something of a transition between the oval section of the kashira and tsuka to the side flattened outer oval shape of the saya.
This will be a huge 14 inches tanto with a fine hybrid polish. I can envision it to be a very imposing piece in its size.
Joe Walters and I have been working for some weeks on the technicalities of this piece in order to meticulously arrive to this final result. We have both agreed that this should be its final appearence.
his tanto is the beginning of a journey of experimenting with Joe Walters on many ideas that are fluctuating on my mind in a very constructive dialogue with Joe.
s a designer I feel totally free to do exactly what I think is right in the path that I am following right now.
Although I have gone further in my mind in the destruction of conventionalism, I am doing it with Joe Walters because of his openness and prompt response.
Not being a bladesmith, not having the tools of the trade, I use the only tools I can: my mind...and intense communication with Joe Walters whenever possible.

1084 steel
nickel silver metal parts
black walnut wood in a semi-gloss finish
nickel silver habaki
sori: 8 mm
Uploaded at 9:28 pm September 23, 2002 Macau Time.

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