Louis Mills is one of those rare smith's that one can call both a pioneer and a blade smith's smith.
Don Fogg put up some years ago a link where some of his blades show, all in tamahagane. One can see in the first page the prices of the time for a bare blade.
Jim Kelso did a magnificent set of mountings back in the late 80's on one of Louis Mills tanto.
This is a most unique occasion and offer of a fully mounted Louis Mills -tanto that can be seen in its early stages right below.
Nagasa: 13.5 inches with bo-hi
Tsuka: 6 inches
Saya: 17 inches

After it was purchased from the original owner, it remained in waiting for 3 years until the final concept came into being. The concept was strongly influenced by a very unique koshi style mountings from the Muromachi Period (1333 - 1573) expertly done by a great professional, where I added an alternative kashira stone. Below is the original rendition. The approach has always been an artistic approach for the serious collector. This is a very nicely done art tanto.

This rendition is faithfully reproduced in the mountings with the following changes:
The more than usual black samekawa was replaced by a very beautiful and extremely rare traditional mud dyed black silk.
Below you have pictures of the tiger eye stone as the kashira, superbly cut and polished.



Tiger Eye stone kashira


The blade was polished by Joe Walters and all gold looking elements are brass, in a color combination that highlights the kashira stones as a point of interest balancing the beautiful -tanto oroshigane blade by Louis Mills, whose signature can be seen in the nakago. The silk wrapped tsuka provides a unique combination based on an -tanto housed in Kasuga Taisha, Nara.

The Blade

Polishing and photographs done by Joe Walters who is most capable in capturing all the activity of the blade in the traditional style of nihon-t photography, while in the mountings photographs the blade is shown in another photographic environment. A superb joint work for a most unique -tanto.

The -Tanto and its size as I hold it

The beautiful pristine condition blade and the saya.



The tanto is now with me as of February 23,2007
Price: lowered to US$3.000. It is in pristine condition and I'm not making any further discounts, sorry.
me if seriously interested only.
Antonio Cejunior




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