First of all, I would like to thank Antonio Cejunior and Rick Barrett for creating this wonderful sword for me, without them, this project would have never happened. This project started a year ago when I asked Antonio Cejunior to design a Chinese Jian for me, and the style was inspired by bronze jian from the Spring and Autumn period (722 481 BC).
Rick Barrett created the blade, and it is made of 50% 1095 steel and 50% meteorite iron. The blade was deeply etched to create the old dry tree effect yet the edge stays shiny which allows for a contrasting effects.
The fittings, which I made, were cast in bronze and blackened.
The scabbard was made of wood covered with leather and lining was made of sheepskin.
Kendall Chow

Sword name: The Sword of Autumn
Type: Chinese jian
Overall length: 29 inches
Blade length: 22 inches
Blade width: 2 inches
Weight: 2.8 lbs
POB: about 4 inch from the guard
Handle: 5.5 inches


Early pictures by Kendall Chow


Finished sword with fittings in blackened bronze by Kendall. Scabbard by Kendall.

Sword and sccabard

Detail of sword and handle with fittings.


The truth must always come up. With this I mean to say that though Kendall asked me to design the sword for him, he perfected it and negotiated the entire project with Rick Barrett. Since it was about one year ago, I only now found the earlier design I did for Kendall and am most impressed with the way he chose to finish the sword and how he negotiated the use of meteorite iron-steel as a very primitive invocation that is further highlighted by the wood grain texture that Rick Barrett was able to create.
It is for me a great pleasure to see an Ancient Chinese sword brought to a contemporary view more daring than the wooden choice I made. It is my hope to see more of Chinese Swords brought back to life not as copies but as how they can be interpreted today.
In short, the merit goes all to Kendall.
Antonio Cejunior