This is a very unique sword readily available for SALE in pristine condition. It is a custom made sword designed by me and built step by step as can be seen here by Walter Sorrells.


Nagasa: 28 inches
Motohaba: 30 mm
Sakihaba: 28 mm
Sori: 0.5 inches
Kissaki: O kissaki
Motokasane: 6 mm
Sakikasane: 5 mm
Nakago: 13 inches
Hamon: wild choji-gunome
Steel: 1075

This is a very fast sword which can flex enough for light cutting. I decided to use this sword well oiled for paper cutting. It is incredibly sharp and I find paper cutting a very challenging task. It can perform light tameshigiri, but above all it is a piece of art for the discerning collector.
The blade is in pristine condition as well as the mountings. Through the REVIEW you will be able to see the intensive work while the Buckeye burl saya is of the utmost beauty.
If you are interested in this sword, serious enquiries only with full name, please email me.
Price is US$3.500
please do not ask for discounts. What is being offered is a beautiful flawless weapon which took months to make, and is a combined work between a sword designer and a blade smith.


Another angle shows how the copper was played against a black background while the kurikata announces the beginning of the burl.

This (apparently) massive display of copper leads to the Nature counterpart that Walter so beautifully highlighted.

Beautiful saya in buckeye burl wood.


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