The result of my Aikuchi design with horn fittings only reached me two years after I designed the piece for Dennis.
I however must thank him for having sent me the pictures he took, so it can be shared with everyone visiting this site.
Dennis approached me with the request for a unique design that would both conform with his purse and the Cicada Forge wakizashi that he purchased.
I noticed that the blade had a Nambokucho period style Ô-Kissaki and it just prompted me to do a less complicated piece with horn fittings.
Dennis Pishock accepted my suggestion and I guided him to Fred Lohman.

The only flaw in my opinion was the bo-hi (groove) which I deem unnecessary

I was personally very pleased with the result and understood that a gold kurikata and tsunakuchi would be too expensive though it would make a perfect match. Unfortunately there is no picture of the protruding round edged kojiri.

The purple silk-ito wrap is perfectly done and the gold plated kiri-mon menuki looks superb in the color combination along with the perfectly done horn kashira.

Notice how the horn fuchi protrudes to correctly avoid any slip of the hand towards the blade.

Here is another view of the tsuka with a very nice hineramaki where the large nodule of the samé can be seen. Again the fuchi shape is very visible.

A final view of the kashira as provided by Dennis

A full view showing the protruding kojiri. Courtesy of Dennis Pishock

A close up of the less usual horn kojiri.
Dennis Pishock Aikidoka and Shinkendoka with the wakizashi (courtesy of D. Pishock)

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