In making this review, I have tried to be as objective as possible.
As human beings, we tend to praise what is pleasing to us and criticize what is unpleasant.
Praise, however, is just the expression of pleasure for a job well done, forgetting that a job well done is just what should be expected.
On the other hand, criticism is sometimes part of a biased process that arises from disappointment. Criticism must be well founded by the presence of evidence.

Trying to be objective means analyzing facts without being blinded by passion.

However I am very strict in some Asian cases for the simple reason that some parts of Asia have a reputation for a very fast delivery, whereas this is not the rule in other parts of Asia or the world. I also must state that this is not a quality but a characteristic.

Therefore, being strict is tuning in to previous experiences.

Just two days ago, I received the proofs a trilingual photographic book of mine called Macrocosmos which, because I had complete control over it, was given to the printer three days ago and the proofs, still to my astonishment, were presented the next day.

When ordering a custom sword that I know will be made by a number of persons, I will be more strict than ordering from a specific smith who works alone.

This is obvious, for the simple reason that I will expect that a team will produce faster than a single smith.

Having visited Thailand many times, I have always understood Thai people as being very kind and courteous, and my visit to the National Museum proved that same courtesy I found in hotels, resorts, shops and during my visit to Aranyik where I met Kuhn Lung Boonsom.

All this preliminarily explained, we should now proceed to my custom order.


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