To understand the greatest Portuguese symbolist poet, Camilo Pessanha, who lived in Macau, one must recall one of his verses: I saw the light in a lost country.
For him China was the lost country, too far away to be understood by others, away from the self-exile imposed after a lost love back in Portugal.

There are still many ancient and restored buildings like the Diocese, the Cathedral and the surrounding buildings to understand the 1910's and 20's. This is part of what was called the Christian city, very close to the pagan city inhabited by the Chinese community.

Very close, just a few steps away, an old Chinese Family house still exists with its grey brick fašade.

The interiors are wisely lit by windows that connect to patios and yards where family life used to flow.

Yards were lit from above while the main hall was destined to be the reception room.

Early preparations and tests showing the reclining chair that spoke of dreams and opium...and poetry.

There is no beginning or end to opium that Camilo smoked. A metaphor is used with a cigarette and its smoke.

Different scenes show different aspects to the soliloquy on memories of the poet and ghost Camilo.