In a world where  information and scholarship are autumnal concepts in permanent transformation, and where, to the geographic topia it offered the utopia of the virtual one, new citizenship concepts are taking shape and spreading.
Every time we are confronted with the dualistic mode between daily citizenship and another one that does not know borders, and has for long been proclaimed by Marshall McLuhan, in which ethics and behavioural standards require much more a language and vocabulary of revelation than one other of occultation, and the slow eradication of somehow obsolete prejudices of many that still need just the traditional forms of being, still incapable of understanding what the future has already presented us with in communications matter, we are challenged.

It may be understandable because any innovation always generates suspicion and distrust against the traditional forms of communication and relationships.
However, it was in this global village that, in the beginnings of 1998, I decided to venture, looking simultaneously to understand this way of globalization of information, communication and knowledge.

Of this adventure I could infer that nothing will be as before, and I will not fortunately be alone at envisioning new concepts of work, economy, socialization that, for some time still will be dual, until the technological revolution becomes entirely embedded in the existential imperative for the new generations that do not withhold from the recent past other than a different memory of socializing.
I recognize that it is simultaneously frightful and overwhelming, an invitation for each of us to reflect upon on the new orders that are already in existence.

I will say that, as a natural resultant of some years of persistence, of learning technique and of recognition of the ground, I notice that the majority of my customers are already not local or topical, but rather people or companies of other nations, countries and continents that coexist within cyber-space, a kind of duplicity of existences and tasks, small Babel of languages and concepts, extremely alluring dynamics.

Today it is particularly gratifying not to be confined to a geography, and rather opened to a dialogue where the balance between the physical and the virtual worlds are fulfilled in everyday life and where each online project constitutes an exercise of cultural decodification and communication that brings me much gratification.

Digitalization, the advances of computer science came to deliver new ways of work, where the Internet is not more than a communication instrument par excellence.
Even locally already it has almost entirely been accepted by companies customers for the development of projects are made entirely through virtual imagery.

The record is something fundamental in the communication process, and portfolios of creative people, artists, works of writers can, finally, find new vehicles and lodgings.

Long words perhaps, to base a website where I looked for to record the risks and steps of 25 years of creative and cultural work, as part of a citizenship where the identities and the contents are an integrant part of the legend that each of us involuntarily develop with time, not as a means of ostentation, but - and only so - as information and record.

For the customer, for me exactly, the portfolio became virtual.

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