To me, fashion is not the merchantilistic seasonal ephemerous phenomena in permanent contradiction. That I call the dictatorship of consumism, the erradication of individual taste. Fashion is not an autophagic process of the archetypes, but rather the exercise of option and cultural legacy that is called taste. To me I am more comfortable seeking intemporality that comes from multi-ethnicity as a reference.
It is fundamental that the authenticity in which history unfolds may be understood undera humanitarian point of view, a humanist, creative and aesthetical perspective.
Otherwise it can be called industry, and that is made of entrepreneural maturity, because the act of dressing is always invested with the same denotative functions it had always had. Only the calligraphy has changed...



Venetian is the material. Ample is the gown.
It evokes the color of the Ganghis.
How will it look laid down?
Of which source does its scent comes from?




There is in poverty and destitution such a great dignity that it inevitably brings men closer to the divine.
Because of all things, there is only essenciality remaining.


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