The flow of centuries has shed little light regarding this phenomenon. In fact, the Macanese singularity is much better inscribed under the heading of ‘mystery’ than rational categories.

All nations have their narratives, some deeper, others more extensive. The Macanese nation - as the word is interpreted as a group - mixes paths, disconcerts reason. In truth, it establishes an enigma, an exception in time and space, and is one of those cases that arise from a deviation of History, an accident, mathematically unexpected, that happens within the chemistry of peoples.

This singularity is nomadic. The Macanese condition is touched by its errant ways in the world, born four hundred-odd years ago, a kind of collective individualism that slashes the sense of community without destroying it.

In its spell, the Macanese condition in the world is set against a horizon of contingency: everything is created, everything is lost.

The despising of quantity and the absence of measurement are constitutive: How many? What do they produce? What are they worth? It does not matter. The real measurement is based on immaterial parameters, not well understood at all by Western minds.

The Macanese ‘technology’ resides, therefore, in its immense creativity.

Starting from a very unique and individualistic interpretation of the world, combining Theorems, Taoism and Christianity, Mystery and Reason, the Macanese presence comprises artefacts that symbolise a very peculiar and unique way of interpreting the universe of Yin and Yang.

In this body of nation – the real people – it is seen that materialization is the most palpable asset of a legacy. To speak of such is to speak about contemporary Macau, of talented Macanese, of inter-cultural creativity, and inevitably of António Conceição Júnior.

One city or country is grand when it knows how to celebrate its greatest, admiring those who distinguish themselves in each generation, identifying those who hover above the law of mediocrity.

António Conceição Júnior represents by himself the collective personality of the Macanese, the nation plunged in the inner complexity of one single Man, a supreme contingency of being and living in the borders of history. In this man is allocated the multiplicity of creativity, the product of a multi-faceted sensibility, of a one of a kind personality.

Endowed by a very unusual talent and supported by a vast culture built on a quest over his complex origins and myriad destinies, António Conceição Júnior has reached the full maturity of the philosopher who finds significance in everything, as well as of the creator who espies beauty and ideas in the most insignificant things.

He is of the best that Macau has to offer the world, a kind of man that any other nation, no matter how rich and powerful, would not disdain to accept in its own most sacred place. He is the Macanese in the superlative.

António Conceição Júnior is an aristocrat of culture, a universal citizen who realizes in a most unique manner the Macanese singularity. He is a devotion to his city, to its history, to its people.

This Man belongs to a special race of the Homo Creator (i.e.) the Creative Man, the kind of men that were not made to imitate. His fiefdom is that of permanent unrest derived from a mind totally devoted to creation. His dialogue with the world is always pioneering, made of that kind of vigil that foretells productive eruption at any moment.

Elegant in manner and eloquent in speech, his devotion to his creative task is absolute, convoking devotion and plenitude.

To know the Artist is a privilege. To talk to the Man is a pleasure. To enjoy his creativity is to participate in an act of culture. To exchange ideas with the person becomes a source of inspiration. To share projects with the Dreamer is to find an invigorating well of Hope. To observe and participate with his family is to understand strength.

I thank God for having allowed me to meet him.

I thank Macau for its generosity in allowing this person to be shared, with me and with the world.

I thank António Conceição Júnior for everything he has given and taught me.

His work will last throughout time, as a priceless gift from Macau to the Heritage of Mankind.

13th September, 1998

Roberto Carneiro

Minister of Education of Portugal • 1987-1991
Secretary of State for Administration • 1981-1983
Secretary of State for Education • 1980-1981
CEO of TVI – Independent Television • 1992-1996
Unesco Member and Consultant
World Bank Consultant
Professor at the Portuguese Catholic University
President of the Macau Portuguese School