António Conceição Júnior is a true poet of dressing, through his sensibility and creative capacity.

Since the first time I saw one of his fashion shows, I was able to understand that I was facing an innovator, a Creative man who utilizes his important cultural past to create pieces that bear a very personal style, combining East and West elements in a symbiosis of rare beauty.

Antonio Conceição Júnior has accustomed me, in the Shows I have seen, to permanent surprises. Some times sumptuous, other times depurated, this Creative man who is equally a painter, designer, illustrator and photographer, has always arisen in me a great interest on his work, which I follow even from far away.

He is undoubtedly the Portuguese Fashion Designer who best represents the Portuguese Humanistic Universalism, because through his work one sees the reconstruction of a part of the vast world with which the Portuguese contacted.

With him I learnt better the magic of the East, and I am glad to acknowledge the important role of bridging two extremes, that of Europe and of the East, that this friend of mine has accomplished.

Maria de Jesus Barroso Soares
First Lady of Portugal
March 2, 1995