I met António Conceição Júnior in Macau, in 1981 when, for the first time I brought an exhibition of Portuguese Art to the Luis de Camões Museum, which was directed by him.

One year later I was back, bringing another exhibition to the Museum so efficiently directed by Antonio.

The first impressions that I gathered from his personality was that of a great artistic sensibility, highly developed organizational know how, up dated information of the most recent methodologies in his professional area, but above all, his character and ethic as a man.

By that time a strong and solid friendship begun to take shape between us, kept until today, which was extended to our respective families.

In the professional level I cooperated with him in his initiatives, whenever required, but I cannot fail to refer that I have learned with Antonio a few things that he was well at home with and which I would classify as of lateral interest to my profession, but very enriching as additions to my knowledge and professional practices of the highest utility.

When we first met his creative passion was more focused in painting. I think that if he have followed this path, today, after two decades, we would certainly be confronted with a significant workload corresponding to his talent and dedication put in everything that he is involved with.

But… design, stamps, coin design, medallion design, the objects, the books, garments, photography (of high creative quality) and the organization of important artistic events and, finally, fashion which he came to prove to be classified as one of the most representative and innovative designers at international level, took him away from painting.

I must stress here, like I have done verbally to some relevant personalities of the political and development fields of our Country, that Antonio was not always supported as he deserved and merited. And as a consequence of this under-support of his potentialities, of his patriotism and love for Macau, everybody lost something.

But Antonio is not going to stop. His work, his talent, his family, his friend, his generous heart from Macau will continue to feed his life.

November, 1997

Manuel de Brito
Owner & Director of Gallery 111