It was indeed a pleasure to meet Antonio in Macau.
In my long voyage back to New York I had time to think and ponder over the past two weeks in the Far East.

Above all, it was his designs and perception to color an style that would equal only the best in the fashion industry, like Boss, Montana, Armani...

I have been involved with fashion over thirty years in North America and Europe, in designing, manufacturing and marketing.
In my opinion, the presentation I have seen of Antonio¹s designs, both women and men, are fresh, forward, and most could be very marketable in North America. The style and his choice of fabrics and colors would most certainly fit into our market.

Now I feel like Fernao Mendes Pinto, 400 years ago, coming back from a long voyage feeling that treasures were discovered when I think of his talent and approach to style.

James Horvarth
Horvarth & Assoc. Studios Ltd. - New York