As I am more of the field of the mere written word, I feel myself aflicted to refer to the works of multiple openings, such as that of António Conceição Júnior. But as the artist does not create solely for the knowledgeable ones, it is easier for him to create for himself, I risk the irresistible impulse of a summary and primary reaction.

I know, António, that one day someone called you "a man of the Renaissance".
I would have wished that, 500 hundred years ago had existed in Macau rebuilders like you, without the blemish, very common in the Renaissance and off it, of the low imitation. I understand that being today a "man of the Renaissance" is for you to evoke, as you masterfully do, as many "mists of memory" to rebuild in the construction of another thing - object or word.

Your art, I see it, humblle, mundane and hermit. After all as you are: a wizard. Perpetual apologist of the allotment, that you do not escape because you disobey and you end up becoming involved  in your own spells.
A profound Portuguese of this East, you must have lived, also, in Africa, and not as a city dweller. For over there, the most sensible and the most daring also owe obedience to what comes from the depth that emanates from life itself.

Please forgive my  limitations in speaking of the plasticity of your work; in the sketch, in the drawing of the stamp or of the medallion, in the reinvented furniture, the clothes, the scenography, the graphic stories, in jewellery, and in illustration, the swords - my God, the swords!
And when you photograph, you museograph continuing to sculpt, fragmenting by de-fragmenting.

And there is, finally - finally? what a wrong word I used, the right thing would be to say before everything, or during everything - the word. Your spontaneous filigree word and, at the same time, as elegant as a Japanese saber, skillful as a film by Bergman, or the Symphony of our life. But without petulance.
Thank you, António Conceição Júnior, for allowing me, for over twenty years to be inhabitant of some of your spaces.

Hélder Fernando
Journalist and Writer