António Conceição Júnior is a multi-faceted creative that I know since I arrived in Macau, in 1981.

I can therefore testify a large part of a rather extraordinary and surprising path, because, being fore mostly a man of culture, Antonio has practiced and practices different disciplines of the arts, invariably with great quality, as his many awards can testify.

In more recent years he came to provide to that other subject that fashion is, a very particular characteristic: a strong cultural component branded by a style that results from the symbiosis of cultures that only a man of culture can interpret and which removes the superficial aspect of fashion.

It is with joy that I have been following one other facet of this man that I firstly knew when he was only 30 years old, and looking back unto his creative path, full of imagination, I acknowledge how many miles he have gone through.

Being Fashion the most immediate cultural sign, this unique Creative already recognized in Portugal, in some parts of Europe and in the People’s Republic of China, it is more then fair to support the work of António Conceição Júnior.

Gabriela Pombas Cabelo
President of the Macau Cultural Institute