I had the pleasure to work with Antonio and to have access to his works. Our proximity has allowed me to follow the eruption of ideas, the creation of Concepts, always formalized through multiple expressions that bear a very unique signet quality of his own.

I saw the emergence of the object, of the garment, of the poster, of photography, books … Always surprised by the difference that comes from his works.

Antonio is a Renaissance man that explodes in the Far East. Someone who controls and circulates through different forms of expression, and while he commands a multiplicity of means of expression in his entire work - which I understand he wants it to be fragmented and fertile - Antonio pursues a nomadic path that carries him from the East to the West on a certain quest and pilgrimage of feelings and wisdom that will bring him back to his Macau roots, ever more enriched.

His work expresses this thirst that can only be quenched in more then one source, which means a very personal interpretation of the destiny of this Place in the world, as a center of knowledge and of creativity for the 21st. Century.

The quality that is more then obvious in all his works, to which presides a very strict aesthetical non-compromise that has become for long a trademark of his works, defines Antonio as an undeniable reference in the overall Portuguese creative panorama of today.

Carlos Morais José
Writer, Journalist, Anthropologist