On António Conceição Júnior much has already been said by those, much better than I, who know how to say it. Critics, artists, politicians and public in general. I will only be able to say it as a friend.

Twenty years ago I had the privilege of knowing
Antonio and being accepted by him in his World. Since that day I visited António as many times in Macau that I lost the count of it. Our friendship grew to the point of considering him a brother and I dare to call his family as mine.

I discretely took possession of a privacy that allowed me a unique point of observation to view the multifaceted work of the artist that António Conceição Júnior is. A Work that does not only include himself alone but, and much more, dedicated to the promotion of others and mainly of the Fatherland.

I attended the great exhibitions he organized, the making of books, his fashion shows, his paintings, his photography, an all creative path permanently linking East and West.

António masters the mathematics of beauty in conjunction with friendship. For him the "golden section" and feng shui are just natural, the most adverse complexities result in simplicity. He commands Portuguese as well as Chinese, and that is a most inestimable treasure.

All this work of his had its rewards, but the usual and atavic national blindness of who only has obligation to see, still did not allow to give means to this extraordinary man that António Conceição Júnior is, so that he becomes the obvious bridge, that the Country so much needs, for the biggest market of the world
; China.

Pedro Guimarães
President of the Portuguese Section of
IIDA - International Interior Design Association