Aikido and the concept for ballet
To hear the sound of one hand clapping, says a Zen precept.






Aikido, a time-space concept, another kind of perception of the interplay of bodies. A philosophy to discover:
Thirty spears surround me. I make them my shield.

Ueshiba Morihei
(1883-1969)The Art of Peace

The Sound of the Fan
Soundless is the sound of this fan, metaphor of unatainability.
Could it be, at the level of the presentation of the sacred something older than dance, something more moving than the ancestral body speaking the blending of western contemporanity and the rituals of the East?
This ballet is a celebration of the sacred and of the profane where  nothingness and the absolute are, one the root of the other, convocation and invocation of all the noble archetypes of my own genetic pool.

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