Born in Macau, 1951.

His Mother was a Journalist, English and Shorthand teacher, and Macau's first woman writer and novelist. Her work is being studied at different Universities in the P. R. of China and in the U.S.A. His Father was a French teacher, Director of Education, Journalist, and the last Director of the Portuguese language Newspaper "Macau News".

Macau Museum Director 1978 – 1997
Cultural Director for the Macau City Council 1978 - 1997
Chairman of the Executive Committee. First Macau Fortnight at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 1979
Designer & Art Director for the Macau Cultural Institute 1982 – 1985
Art Director for Hyatt Regency Macau 1982 – 1984
Director Numismatic and Notes Office for the Macau Issuing Institute 1982 – 1984
Elected Chairman of the Macau Designers Association 1985 – 1995
Elected Honorary Chairman of the M.D.A. for Life 1995
Cultural Consultant for the Governor of Macau 1998
Director of the Macau Cultural Center planning Office 1989 – 1991
Director of the Macau Forum Arena 1992 - 1997
Nominated Beijing Honorary Fashion Consultant 1994
Nominated Dalian’s Honorary Fashion Consultant 1994
Artistic Director of the 8 th. Macau Arts Festival 1997
Author of a Transcultural Ballet concept “The Sound of the Fan” 1997
CEO for his own Design and Consultancy Company 1998
Cultural Consultant for the Macau Urban Council 1998
Director of the Trade Gallery – World Trade Center Macau 1998 -1999
Cultural Consultant for the Macau Foundation for Cooperation and Development 1999.
Winner of the Commemorative Medallion Contest for the Macau Handover to China 1999.
Cultural Consultant for the Macau Museum of Art 2002.
Macau representative for the V Macau International Design Biennial Panel of Judges. 2003
Guest member of the East Asian Games 2005 Graphic Design Competition Panel of Judges. 2004
Presented Lifetime Achievement Award by the Macau Designers Association. 2004
Guest member of the Macau Painting Section Panel of Judges for the 10th. China Fine Arts Exhibition. 2004
Member of the Panel of Jurors of the Macau Representation to the Venice Biennial in 2009 and 2011.

This year of his adolescence marks the beginning of his civic collaboration. Following the footsteps of his parents, António becomes responsible as editor, writer and illustrator of a Juvenile Page at the newspaper his parents worked.
Becomes exposed to martial arts. Learns Wing Chon Kuen, and then will get introduced to Judo, reaching green belt.

Holds his first Exhibition, a solo show of oil paintings and caricatures. All caricatures were sold.
His exposure to Aikido begins this year.

1971 -1974
Period spent in Mandatory Military Service.

Majored in Design and Communication with Excellence at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts and Design.

Chosen to represent Portugal at the 12th International Illustrators Convention in Lucca, Italy.
Publishes his first album of graphic stories, named Wong Fei Hong by a Lisbon Editor.
His other stories such as KATSU and YANG and YIN are still unfinished.

Returns to Macau. Was invited by the Governor Garcia Leandro to make a cultural survey of Macau. As one of the results and conclusions, he proposes the construction of a Macau Arts Center.

Becomes one of the youngest Museum Directors at age 27, and gets intensely involved in cultural activities in Macau, promoting cultural exchanges with Portugal, China and Hong Kong, thus becoming the most experienced cultural organizer and the one with the longest uninterrupted activity.
For two decades, has been responsible for over 300 exhibitions.

Organizes the 1st Macau Fortnight Exhibition at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
Designated Chairman of its Executive Committee.
The President of the Calouste Gulbenkian visits Macau to assess the feasibility of the MACAU FORTHNIGHT.

Presentation of the MACAU FORTNIGHT composed of a huge Exhibition named MACAU · 400 YEARS IN THE EAST at the world's third largest Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.
The Exhibition is formally inaugurated by the Portuguese President.
At the same event, Antonio Conceição Junior promotes and sees the launching of new editions of several books about Macau that have been printed in the 40´s and 50's.

As Director for Coins and Banknotes Collections of the Macau Issuing Institute, travels to Germany to visit the Deutsche Bundesbank Counterfeit Notes Museum.
On the same mission, visits Bradbury Wilkinson of London, getting more information about banknotes security for the Macau Banknotes.

Designed the new Macau Coins and most of the Chinese Lunar Year Commemorative Coins. Both designs received popular acclaim and the Macau Coins Silver Mint had three editions due to international demand.
Designed the Basic Stamps collection of Macau plus many special issues.
Art Director for Hyatt Regency Macau.
First Photographic Album published.

Invited to design the interiors of the Melbourne Hyatt Art Hotel.
Scenographic Concept and Direction for Verdi's LA TRAVIATTA at the Macau International Music Festival.
Graphic Designer for the first two Editions of the Music Festival.

Organizes a series of Six Exhibitions named LAST HUNDRED YEARS OF PORTUGUESE PAINTING which won him two Grand Prizes out of four at the International Museums Triennial:
Best series of Exhibitions and Best series of Catalogues.
Curator of a shorter version of these Exhibitions, which is presented at Beijing during the Joint Declaration Signature between the Premiers of Portugal and China.

Founding Member of the Macau Designers Association, as the first designer to work in Macau.
Elected President of the Macau Designers Association.
Presently is the Honorary President.
Second Photographic Album published.

Nominated Cultural Advisor for the Governor of Macau.
Nominated for the Macau Cultural Center Planning Office as its Director.
During these years he became the leading designer in Macau. Contributes with his efforts for the creation of the designer position in Macau Civil Service career.
With an inquisitive mind, he also turns his interests into Fashion Design.

First Fashion Show in Lisbon. THE EAST ROUTE. Attains total success. The press refers to him as the Revelation of the Decade.
Invited by German Fashion Company.
Third Photographic Album is published.

Invited by the Portuguese Fashion Authority, presents SAMARKAND · THE CONSECRATION OF SPRING, in Lisbon.
Same Collection is presented in Brussels, as the only Portuguese designer to show a Collection under the EUROPALIA FESTIVAL.
Uses body jewelry as main theme for Finale.
Invited by the Gulbenkian Foundation's Center of Modern Art, becomes the first Fashion Designer to present a solo Exhibition that was named MEMORIES OF THE EAST.

Once again invited by the Portuguese Fashion Authority, presents MANDHALA · AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD, dedicated to ethnic Tibet.

By invitation of the Macau Governor, presents an Exhibition named MACAU · A SILK ROUTE at the King's Palace of Queluz, Portugal.
Elected Correspondent Member of the Portuguese Fine-Arts Academy.
Presents NAM BAN Collection in Porto and Lisbon, a voyage on time and space about the Portuguese seafarers.
Presents his Summer Collection BODIES OF SILK · TRACES OF SILK.
Organizes the CHINA'S FIVE DYNASTIES SHOW in Macau.
Fourth Photographic Album launched in Portugal.

Presentation at Beijing's CHIC'94 of his MOTHER CHINA Winter Collection.
Presentation at Dalian's FASHION FAIR of Summer Collection. Received City's Medal from Dalian's Mayor and became Honorary Fashion Consultant for the Dalian Designer's Association.
A small page of his fashion drawings is later digitalized and placed online.

Designs different uniforms for Banks, Hotels, Companies and Corporations.
Logos, Corporate Identities, over 300 catalogs, leaflets, posters and books are part of his production, all of them by invitation.
At this time has amassed quite a number of Design Awards, considering that most of his work was done by invitation.
Continues his cultural activities as Director for Culture of the Macau City Council.
Proposes to the Government of Macau, stressing the importance of the economical diversification, the creation of a Center of Creativity, taking advantage of the unique socio-cultural conditions of Macau to develop the Tertiary Sector of its Economy as a complementary added value to the P.R. of China’s production. The matter is unresolved.

Designs a series of transcultural influenced Furniture.
Creates the concept of a Transcultural Contemporary Ballet, which he named under Zen influence, THE SOUND OF THE FAN.
As an Aikido Sensei (teacher), conducts a Seminar on body expression on Aikido and Ballet for the dancers of this Ballet.

Artistic Director of the 8th MACAU ARTS FESTIVAL.
Author of the Scenography and Special Garments for THE SOUND OF THE FAN Ballet.
Author of a Commemorative Silkscreen Edition.

Sets up his Design, Consultant and Web Company specialized in most design fields, as well as Consultancy, Photography, Copywriting, Public Relations, Anthropology, Ethnology and History.
Museographical Consultant for Macau Cultural Center Museum, that he first proposed 21 years earlier, back in 1977.
Participates in a Seminar by the International Open University with a paper on Transcultural Relations on the Visual Arts.
Conferences on Fashion, Creativity and Services.
Produces the Macau Trade and Investment Institute Fashion Show in Macau.
Produces the Macau Show at the Hong Kong Trade Fair presentation.
Presents an Exhibition based on deconstructed furniture, which is named Disassembly.
Conducts a Seminar on Public and Client Relations for the Commercial Bank of Macau.
Invited for an Exhibition in Linschöping, Sweden.
Invited as Cultural Consultant for the Macau City Council.
Invited as World Trade Center Macau Art Gallery Director.
Invited to write a column for the Weekly newspaper Ponto Final under the Header of Citizenship's Place.

On top of his Cultural Consultancy for the City Council, becomes Cultural Consultant for the Macau Foundation for Cooperation and Development.
Invited as Art Consultant for the new building of the Macau Legislative Assembly.
Continues to write under the Header of Citizenship's Place.
Elected unanimously as President of the Macau Association for the Study and Development of Aikido and Eastern Philosophies.
Author of the Commemorative Medallion for the Poets International Convention in Macau.
Winner of the Macau Handover Medallion Contest.
Proposes a unique show that he aims to be considered a contemporary opera with special interactive effects, specially conceived music, contemporary ballet, esoteric themes, special wardrobes, etc. The project, entitled Space Pilgrimmage, is never off the paper.

Under his proposal and direction, the Macau Foundation for Cooperation and Development launches its website as well as its Exhibitions Online.
Travels to Ping Yao¸ a World Cultural Heritage city in China, where he prepares a book on the ancient city and proposes a Seminar under the auspices of the Macau Municipal Council on the Cities of the Past and the Future.
Sees the completion of a Project with Anthropologist Carlos Morais José on the guidelines for an Exhibition named Emperor Kang Xi and the First Globalisation.
Following his travels to Japan, prepares an Exhibition named ZenImages.
While in Kyoto, he writes the short story Kamogawa Mist
Proposes a first ever Festival of Chinese Opera comprising all schools of Opera in China, plus an ethnographic and anthropological study on its history and symbols.
Participates as Guest Speaker on a Seminar by the Institute of European Studies on Creative Industries presenting a paper.
Following his 1995 proposal for a Creativity Center, Benetton launches its Creative Factory in the year 2000.

Chosen to Preside over the Seminar on Creative Cities by the City Council and delivers a paper on Creative Cities that was considered the best paper of the Seminar.
Continues his creative work in many fields such as furniture, interior design projects and various kinds of jewelry and silverware. Becomes a sword collector creating BLADESIGN a site for sword design. His interests get more diversified by creating a Custom Fashion site online.
Begins to work on an Exhibition Project entitled Ages of Iron directly linked with his interest in the swords's paradox and alchemy.

Consultant for International Exhibitions Curatorship of the Macau Art Museum at the Macau Cultural Center, of which he was the Director when the Museum was called Luis de Camoes Museum while headed the I Planning Office for the later.
Exhibition Curator for the Enamel Icon's Exhibition.
Currently is doing preparation work on George Bloch's Picasso Collection for coming exhibition.
Cover design of David Brookshaw's book Visions of China which features the first translation of his Mother's work in English. Jointly published by Gavea-Brown of Brown University, Providence and Hong Kong University Press.
Invited to participate in a tender for a re-decoration project for CEM, the Macau Electricity Company, presents Symbolism and Space long before the lighting Memorial for the New York New World Center project.
Presents two Conferences at the Macau Museum of Art:
A History of the Macau Museum since the 19th. Century and Iconography of Design.
Invited as Guest Examiner for the Macau Polythecnic Institute School of Arts and Design would subsequently receive an invitation for conducting a 20 hours workshop on Decodification of Culture.
Invited by the director of the Portuguese newspaper Macau Hoje becomes a columnist for a weekly page entitled Entreposto - Trading Place and dedicated to the city's basic nature of a place of exchanges.
Invited to present a Discovery Channel Programme on Macau.

Travels to New York for information gathering on another exhibition pertaining to the Museum's Collections.
Continues teaching at the Macau Polythecnic Institute School of Arts and Design concentrating on semiotics.
Commemorates his 25 years in design.
Interviewed by Lyn Kienholz, President of the Netropolitan Foundation based in California, for a television series on artists worldwide.
Curatorial and coordination work for the George Smirnoff Centennial Exhibition at the Macau Museum of Art.
Coordination of Marta Nishimura's Ceramics Exhibition at the Macau Museum of Art.
Invited by the Organization of the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival to design logo and all printed matter. Not responsible for their website.
Invited to participate as a multi-disciplinary designer at the Creative Macau site, a first move towards his earlier efforts on the need to embrace Creativity as a new power.
Receives new invitation to collaborate with his writings in Macau Hoje under the title Dialogues of Coffee and Tea referring to the multi-culturalism in Macau.
Conference on The Macanese - Past and Future at the Macau International Institute.
Jury member for the V Macau International Design Biennial judging pannel.
Presents an episode on Macau for Les Filmes du Village directed by Marc Mopty for French TV Channel Voyage .

Invited once more to teach two different workshops for the Macau Polythecnic Institute School of Arts and Design one concerning Introduction to Semiology in design and the other a workshop for Fashion design finalists.
Invited for regular collaboration for the Review of Culture published by the Macau Cultural Institute.
Writes a short essay on Macau Contemporary Art for Yishu Journal as Art Consultant for the Macau Museum of Art.
Invited to design exclusive Academic Regalia for the Inter-University Institute of Macau.
Participates in two films my Michale Boganim on Macau. One, a soliloquy on Camilo Pessanha and another, an interpretation of his short story The Tea House.
Is given Lifetime Achievement Award by the Macau Designers Association

Invited by the Macau Polythecnic Institute School of Arts and Design to present a Retrospective Exhibiton of his 25 years named 25 Years of CriActivity.

Field trips to the US and Korea for exhibition work.
Is considering a PhD in Transcultural Criativity which is a natural extension of his own work.
Curator and Coordinator for the Masters of Fire Exhibition.
Continues to work on the preparation of another ambitious Exhibition project.

General Coordinator for the International exhibition History of Steel in Eastern Asia, involving edged weapons from China, Korea, Japan, Philippines and Continental South East Asia.
General Coordinator and Curator for Luís Demée's Exhibition Diluted Time
Starts working on the preparation of a one man show of paintings and photography.
Invited by the Macau Post Office, designs a set of stamps.
Together with the Macau Museum of Art director, visits some parts of China from which resulted these notes.

Curator for the Robert Doisneau exhibition.
Invited by the Macau Post Office, designs another set of stamps.
Designated Curator for the 2008 exhibition of Ancient Athens Art from the Louvre.
Preparation for his solo photographic exhibition Macrocosmos
Designs the cover for his Mother's book new edition published by the Macau International Institute.
Interviewed by the Portuguese edition of the Chinese daily Tai Chung Po
Under de patronage of Casa de Portugal in Macau, holds an exhibition called Macrocosmos of which his fifth photographic album was launched.

Presents a paper in a Session promoted by the Instituto Português do Oriente about the Life and Work of his Mother, Deolinda da Conceição.
Curator of a huge exhibition of Classic Period Greek Art from the Louvre which he names Plato in the Land of Confucius, after which a conference on the same thing takes place in Chinese, directed to the Chinese Community.
Prepares his sixth photographic album.
On October 10, launches his photographic exhibition and album named Primum Lumen
Member of Judging Panel for all China artists Body Art Exhibition Inward Gazes.

Invited as a Designer to exhibit jewelry and shoes designed by him at the inauguration of the Macau Creative Albergue at the historic quarters of S. Lázaro (St. Lazarus).
• Member of the selection Jurors of the Macau representation to the Venice Biennal.
• Invited to present the exhibition Primum Lumen at the Youth Foundation in Oporto, Portugal.
• Invited to participate at the Shiwan ceramics conference as a speaker.

After an interval of 33 years, a new edition of his graphic story Wong Fei Hong is launched in Macau.
• Invited once more to participate at the Shiwan ceramics conference. Awarded title of honorary consultant of the event.
Sporting Macau team, of which he was elected president in 2009, climbs one division.

Invited for an urgent design concept of the 1st stamps issue of 2011.
Invited to participate in a debate on design and creativity on Macau Television Chinese Channel.
• Once more invited as member of the selection panel of the Macau representation to the Venice Biennal.
• Interviewed by Macau Daily Times on one of his favorite subjects: The Creative City
• Sees the launching of his book of short stories, named Conversations of Tea and Coffee.
• As a result is invited to participate with a short story on a selection under the title A Sea of Stories.

Launching in Lisbon of his book Conversations of Tea and Coffee.
Revista Macau Macau Magazine of March publishes his profile by Hélder Beja which is reproduced in fac simile here

Under his leadership Sporting Clube de Macau becomes Champion of 2nd division with 14 consecutive victories and 4 games ahead of the end of the Championship. The progression to first division is automatic.
Exhibition and launching of his seventh photographic album TRANSITS.

• As President of Sporting Clube de Macau, he sees his team come directly from the second division to compete for the title of the top division, becoming the first-place runner-up of the Macau League.
• Produces the photographic exhibition Territories, which is presented by the anthropologist and journalist, Carlos Morais José. Interviewed by major Macau Newspapers, Hoje Macau, Ponto Final and Macau Tribune.

• Launching of his second book, "Writings of Love and Disaffection - Chronicles of Citizenship", on January
29. Interviews by Hoje Macau and Ponto Final the newspapers.
Resumes a cycle of chronicles in the Hoje Macau daily, under the title of URBANITIES.

• Photographic exhibition Territories presented at the Macao Scientific and Cultural Center in Lisbon, with the support of the International Institute of Macao and with the presence of Dr. Jorge Rangel, President of IIM.
The magazine Macau News launches an article about him.

• In November held a lecture at the Macau Military Club about Manuel da Silva Mendes, on The Artistic Legacy of Manuel da Silva Mendes.

• QUOTIDIANOS, his third literary book is launched at the Portuguese Consulate General in Macau in February.
• His lecture of the previous year, about Manuel da Silva Mendes, is included in the Second Volume of Memories and Thoughts of Manuel da Silva Mendes
In July, he presented at the Rui Cunha Foundation a lecture titled Afonso de Albuquerque on the way to the Apogee of the Discoveries.
• In July, with the support of the International Institute of Macao, under the chairmanship of Dr. Jorge Rangel and with the presentation of Dr. Antório Aresta, the launch of QUOTIDIANOS at the Macao Scientific and Cultural Center

In January, by invitation of the Rui Cunha Foundation, delivers a talk named "Episodes of Macau's Cultural Life of the 20th. Century".

During his mixed career as Cultural Director and as Art Director and Designer, António Conceição Júnior has received full public recognition.
2 Grand Prizes of four available from an International Museums Convention he did not attend.
6 Winner First Prizes for different Design Contests,
2 First Runner-Up and a City Medal.
Lifetime Achievement Award by the Macau Designer's Association.


• TEXTIMEDIA begins image capture for a documentary on his creative activities.

• RTP - Portuguese National Television, presents a documentary on his Fashion Collection SAMARKAND • THE CONSECRATION OF SPRING.
• P.R. of CHINA television documentary on his fashion collection Mother China
• RTP - Portuguese National Television journalist Helena Balsa produces a documentary on his works entitled O PRAZER DE CRIAR - THE PLEASURE OF CREATING.

• MACAU STAMPS OF THE BASIC COLLECTION • An edition entirely dedicated to his works.
• MACAU STAMPS - A FORM OF EXPRESSION • Macau Post Office edition.
COVER entirely dedicated to a special philatelic edition of his autorship.
• MACAU POSTAGE STAMPS CATALOGUE • IAT CHEONG KONG. Edition by the Macau Cultural Institute.
• ICM • 15 YEARS OF EDITIONS • Edition by the Macau Cultural Institute.
• MACAU COINS • Macau Issuing Institute

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